Children and Teen Counseling

Unfortunately, as the old adage states, children and teens don’t come with a manual. Parenting is tough and each child is extremely different and has unique needs. Do you ever have those times where your pretty sure you were doing what was best and after it’s all said and done you feel like it didn’t work the way you wanted or they didn’t learn what you were hoping, or maybe you’re just not sure how to help? Then you’re in the same boat as everyone else. Luckily, you’re probably doing better than you think. The good news is you don’t have to be a perfect parent and you don’t have to be their therapist.

If you have a child, any age, who is struggling with depression, anxiety, school, family, friends, drama, addiction, pressure, confusion, their future, or anything else, Strong Lives Counseling’s Children and Teen Counseling can be that safe place they can trust to get everything off their chest, feel understood, and that someone cares and is listening. We will help your child gain the tools they need to have joy and success now and in the future. They will discover their ability to be mentally and emotionally strong to handle what life throws at them.

Utah Children and Teen Counseling
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Is my child old enough for counseling?

Typically therapy for children can start around age 3 with play therapy. Play therapy is usually the go to modality for younger children. As children get older and their awareness, communication and understanding develop, they are able to participate in talk therapy. Depending on the child and where they are on the developmental scale will depend on what age they could participate in talk therapy. It also depend on the struggle they are having. Talk therapy can start around 7 give or take a year or two depending on the child and the issue they are struggling with. It is best to get a consultation with your counselor and meet once for an assessment to let them give an informed recommendation.

At Strong Lives Counseling we offer free consultations over the phone and can perform a professional assessment and let you know what your options are and what would be best for your child.

What do I do if my teen won’t talk to me?

Teens can be very personal as they work toward developing independence. Usually “its not you, its them.” Sometimes the best things to do is give them space and let them know you are there and want to talk when they are ready. If you feel like they need more specific help, counseling can provide your teen a safe place to talk and feel understood and listened to.

At Strong Lives Counseling we can do just that, and get your teen communicating and feeling comfortable again.

What do I expect from counseling for my child?

Depending on the age of your child and their development there can be a range of expectations. Usually for the first session expect to participate and be there for the session. Depending on the situation the counselor may want to meet with just the parents, or parents and child, or child and parents for half the session. Your counselor will let you know depending on the situation and what is best. A lot of counselors will let the child decide what is most comfortable to them and if they want parents in their sessions or not, and that decision can always change. Depending on the situation, the amount of communication between the counselor and parents will vary. It is good to be open and honest about your expectations and how you want to be involved in your childs treatment and your counselor will do the same.

At Strong Lives Counseling we will make sure everything is talked about and expectations are set. We will make sure there is a solid understanding and you and your child are comfortable with how we move forward.

What do I do if my teen is struggling?

There are always options on how to deal with your teen and their struggles. Depending on what they are struggling with and if they are willing can depend on the type of treatment you want them to participate in. Having them participate in counseling can be very beneficial, especially if they are willing. Another option is parenting classes that help you learn skills to specifically deal with teens who are struggling. These classes don’t mean that you are a bad parent or need help but they are designed to give you skills to better manage your troubled teen. Sometimes the best option is to get a consultation from a counselor and meet with them to get a professional opinion on what can be done and what treatment would be best for your teen.

At Strong Lives Counseling we offer free consultations over the phone and first appointment assessments where we can gauge your teens need and recommend the best option to move forward.

How do I know if counseling is right for my child?

The biggest deciding factors are age and willingness. No matter where your child falls on either scale, there are always options. Counseling isn’t one size fits all but luckily there are so many options that usually counseling can work for any child in any circumstance. The key is figuring out what type of treatment is best and finding a counselor that fits well with your child.

At Strong Lives Counseling we can give you our professional recommendation to help you figure out what will be best. Come in for an assessment and we can assist you in making an educated decision about your whether counseling is right for your child.

What is a parents responsibility when their child is receiving counseling?

There is some responsibility for parents when their child participates in counseling. Parents can play an important role in supporting their child while in counseling by being positive, noticing their childs effort and the progress, bringing them to sessions on time, completing the necessary paperwork, and participating in counseling when needed. Parents can help the child debrief after a session, help them remember or complete therapeutic assignments, help them in changing their behaviors, and help in building trust and rapport with the therapist.

Strong Lives Counseling knows how important your role is in your childs life and will help you navigate counseling with your child seamlessly.