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Strong Lives Counseling is a fully licensed mental health provider for counseling and therapy. We offer individual, family, marriage/couples, pre-marital, children, and teen counseling. We are goal oriented and dedicated to helping you improve your life. We use evidence based practices that are ethical and are proven to produce positive outcomes and promote progress.

You will improve in all areas of your life and find joy, peace, freedom, and strength. Our goal is to give you the skills and tools to maintain those feelings, so we never have to see you again. But if you ever need a refresher or need to vent to a familiar safe face, we will be glad to see you. We can assist with all areas of life and any struggle that occurs from mental health issues to support during a rough patch. No matter what is going on, we would love to be the ones you build a meaningful relationship with and are excited to talk to about your week. Our counselors are easy to talk to and you will be relieved with how comfortable and safe you feel as you are fully understood by one of our team members.

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Find Freedom, Find Peace, Find Strength, Find Joy, and Most of all, Find Yourself

A younger woman hugging an elderly woman affectionately.

Individual Counseling

Get one-on-one help to get back on your feet with a better understanding of yourself and how you can manage your life.

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Smiling young individuals enjoying a counseling session together.

Teletherapy Services

Strong Lives Counseling offers teletherapy services so you can enjoy the benefits of counseling/therapy from home.

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A happy family playing together in a cozy living room.

Family Counseling

Regardless of the reason for conflict, you can get the help you need to overcome family difficulties and build stronger relationships.

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A couple embracing on a sandy beach, seeking guidance through couple counseling for their relationship.

Couples and Marital Counseling

Relationships are important to all of us, but not all relationships are easy. Learn how to improve your relationship with your significant other.

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Four young people walking down a street together, engaged in conversation.

Children and Teen Counseling

We offer a safe place for children and teens to feel understood and express their feelings to someone who cares about them and is listening.

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